The APLI Tech programme aims to train early-career information technology (IT)-enthusiasts in fields relevant to a career in back-office automation. The Tech Programme will provide 3 streams of specialised training, which are: Business Analytics, Bot Development and Solutions Architecture.

Candidates will be able to manage the workload in addition to their full-time employment or study, and should consider the programme an opportunity to expand their skill set, or pivot into a career in back office automation. While activities will be monitored online, the workload is flexible and candidates can work through the material at their own pace.

The APLI Tech programme aspires to train early-career professionals who will go on to provide value for various firms, by streamlining their operations and improving efficiency to support their main functions. The pilot programme will be free of charge and will run from October to December 2020. We expect a minimum time commitment of 8 hours per week over a period of three months.

Also, link to the application form: