This our flagship programme designed for youth who are (or have the desire to) contribute to positive change in their communities. The Fellowship empowers them with the skills, tools and resources to start or scale their impact.

One of the requirements to get accepted for the programme is that youth should have a business or social enterprise in operation, in that way they are to put into practice everything they learn. This is based on the believe that leadership or entrepreneurship is best learned by doing.

The Fellowship spans over a period of 11 months and creates a unique opportunity for Fellows to grow personally and professionally while receiving support from the team and industry experts at their fingertips.

In doing so, we ensure that lessons learned are relevant, entrenched and valuable. We have found this model to be the most effective in creating sustained and long-lasting change in the lives of young people. The Fellowship has evolved and pivoted to improve its offering hereby meeting the ever-changing needs of youth.

The vibrancy and X factor of an APLI Fellow is clear:
Full of potential, indescribable quality of tenacity, they surprise those around them with their willingness to learn and take action.

Constantly challenged, they push onwards relentlessly, yet remain willing to pivot when necessary. APLI Fellows are consistently intentional about achieving these goals.

In the coming years we expect APLI Fellows to gain traction in their industries and regions, changing the status quo and being catalysts of change. We also anticipate Fellows putting their best foot forward as they enter the classroom and boardroom, having gained insights into the nuances of a professional setting.

We are building a generation of young people that are better equipped to be effective in the aforementioned ways. In doing so, young people develop influence over time and find agency in their voice within the spaces they occupy and people they relate to.