Andreas Elifas
Graduate: Visual Media and Desktop Publishing

Founder and Entrepreneur: Jumper Namibia

Beatha Iileka
Student: Bachelor of Accounting

Founder & President: United Youth Charity Association.

Djeimo Mwanyekele
Student: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Co-founder: The Youth Cancer Association

Fillemon Shatipamba
Masters student: GIS and Earth Observation

Co-Founder & GIS Consultant: Namibia Earth Observatory Solutions cc and Co-Founder: Shongola Agri-Processing.

Imelda Rodrigues
Graduate: Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Psychology)

Girls Education Mentor and Socio-Economic Support provider

Immanuel Tuyapeni
Graduate: MBA

Founder: Ompundja Projects and Initiatives, providing educational programs and ICT training in Oshana Region.

Lamek Ndjaba
Student: Bachelor of English

Musician. Co-founder: Helao Printing Shop and Founder: Free Books Nation Project, which collects and redistributes books to the youth.

Linda Nakashololo
Student: Bachelor of Marketing

Board Member: Hatika Adult Education Centre and Entrepreneur: The Buzzwire Challenge

Likius Hashikutuva
Student: Bachelor of Law

Founder: Winterfell Charity Fund

Lowbousky Kaalushu
Student: Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Founder and Entrepreneur:  Kosmima CC

Lylie Fillemon
Graduate: Bachelor of Education

Former Faculty of Education Representative, UNAM & High School Debate and Public Speaking Coach.

Maria Panduleni Erika
Graduate: Town and Regional Planning

Project Coordinator: Namibia Youth Coalition on Climate Change

Mukuve Vilho
Student: Bachelor of Education

Former SRC Chairperson: IUM Nkurenkuru Campus & Founder: Kavango Youth Development Organisation

Naboth De Celestino
Student: Bachelor of Law

National Secretary:  Political and International Affairs (NANSO) and Committee Member: Law Association of Mooting and Advocacy

Omagano Hilma Nampweya
Student: Bachelor of Education

Founder and Programs Director:  Namibia Allied Youth Organization

Paulus Amuthenu
Graduate: BCom Chartered Accountancy

Co-founder: Friends of Education

Unomasa Uanivi
Graduate: Bachelor of Public Management

Initiating employment creation opportunities for youth.

Victorina Amunime
Student: Bachelor of Nursing Science

Former SRC member at Welwitchia Health Training Center and Founder of VicHealth.